POD K1 Youth Knee Brace

Brand: POD
SKU: RS685-600-115-214-28275
  • Pod K1 Youth Knee Brace

    The POD K1 Kids Knee brace makes premium knee protection accessible to young riders.

    POD® knee braces are registered medical devices proven to help reduce knee injuries in action sports.  

    Many of the world’s leading athletes trust POD to reinforce their knees without compromising performance while thousands of recreational athletes rely on POD to stay active. 

    POD is the first choice of Dakar Champion Marc Coma,  5 x  Enduro-X champ Taddy Blazusiak ,  GP MX1 Rider Tommy Searle, Erzberg champ Jonny Walker,  MX legend Andrew Short and many others. 

    Designed specifically for youth the K1 brace introduces a ‘grow system’ that uses interchangeable cuffs with matching frame liners to enable one common frame set to meet the growth needs  of the rider from age 10-15 years. Knee Protection Redefined!

  • Growth system: Common frame design with interchangeable cuffs ensures a snug fit and years of support.

    Deluxe moisture wicking frame liners keep you cool and comfortable.

    Zero pressure points enable you to ride all day in comfort and control.

    Reinforce your knee with POD’s patented Synthetic Ligaments™ that move so naturally, you will forget you are wearing a knee brace.

    Secure fit guarantees the brace stays in position and won’t slide down your leg.

    Extension stops provide progressive control from 0 to 20 degrees.

    Youth Medium = Common frame fitted with short cuffs & thick frame liner

    Youth Large = Common frame fitted with longer cuffs & thinner frame liners

    Micro adjustable to ensure a secure fit.

    CE medical device.               

    Suitable for ligament instabilities.


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