20Litre Tuff Jug With Ripper Cap

Brand: Tuff Jug
SKU: RS925-900-105-204-20370
  • 20Litre Tuff Jug With Ripper Cap

    Tuff Jugs come with the ripper cap system, this self-regulating option allows 20 litres of fuel to be dumped, no hassle, no spillage in 45 seconds from a 20 litre container. Just lift the can (available in either 10 litre or 20 litre options), turn upside down and place firmly into the petrol tank. Pushing the Tuff Jug down opens the caps outlet and the internally fitted ventilation tube works in conjunction with the ripper cap to quickly and efficiently fill your petrol tank. The universal seal prevents spillage and Tuff Jug will automatically shut off once the tank is full. Lifting the Tuff Jug away from your petrol tank shuts off the ripper cap preventing any spillage of your precious fuel.Curvature suited for comfort and specifically developed for youth.

  • With an ergonomic handle to make lifting quantities of fuel less of a chore and non-slip bottoms, a lot of thought has been put in by Tuff Jug to make the ultimate fuel carrier for off-road enthusiasts. The standard cap, braided quick fill hose, colour coded bike fuel cap for the ripper system and KTM fuel adaptor seal are all available separately. Always make sure the vent on the body of the Tuff Jug is open when using the quick fill system, and closed when using the ripper system. The Tuff Jugs come in a variety of colours, from all blue, red, orange and white in both 10 litre and 20 litre sizes and white Tuff Jugs with either red, blue or orange ripper caps in the 10 and 20 litre capacity.


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