Arai MX-V MX Motocross Helmet - Broc Tickle Blue Replica

Brand: Arai
SKU: RS645-600-290-000-13064
  • Arai MX-V MX Motocross Helmet -

    The Arai MX-V Off Road, Motocross MX Helmet is an outstanding new entry for the Helmet Industry. It offers a rounder, smoother stronger outer shell with a unique "R75 Shape". This helmet offers not only quality and comfort but provides the ultimate protection and performance when it really does matter!

    Arai MX-V Helmets come with a new side trim around the edges of the aprture, allowing the google strap to stay in situe whilst riding, whether it be Motocross, MX, Enduro or any other extreme Off Road sports. The new design also offers a new mouth piece which is designed to be easily removed for cleaning.

    Offering Comfort, Quality and Protection for all Off Road, Motocross, MX & Enduro Riders!

  • Arai also offer a thorough and adequate range of spares for their helmets for both the interior and exterior